American Ginseng/Wholesale Natural Herbal American ginseng Extract Capsule

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Nanjing, Guangzhou for American Ginseng/Natural Herbal American Ginseng Extract Powder American ginseng Capsule/American Ginseng
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Immune & Anti-Fatigue, Anti-fatigue
Herbal Supplements
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Q/NJZK 0025S
Dosage Form:
Product Name:
Zhongke American Ginseng Capsule
100%Pure American Ginseng Powder
2-3 capsules,twice a day
250mg*100 caps/bottle
Q/NJZK 0025S
Efficacy composition:
Per 100g contained 6.3 g of American ginseng saponin
Edible Method and Consumption:
2 times a day, each time 2-3 grains
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250mg*100 caps/bottle*280 bottles/carton
for American Ginseng/Natural Herbal American ginseng Extract Capsule
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American Ginseng/Wholesale Natural Herbal American ginseng Extract Capsule

Product Description

American Ginseng Extract/Natural Herbal American Ginseng Extract Powder Chinese Herbal Ginseng Capsules

Ginseng is widely uesed to strengthen the immune system,and increase strength and vigor.





An overview of American ginseng


American ginseng is a medicine edible plant,is both a rare top grade Chinese traditional medicine,and advanced tonic.It contains essential above 16 kinds of trace elements and 17 kinds of amino acids and polysaccharides,peptides,as well as a variety of vitamins,anti-cancer,anti-fatigue,oxygen resistance,radiation resistance,anti-aging and other functions,for coronary heart disease,high blood pressure,anemia,neurosis,diabetes,etc.Has the very good curative effect.Often take American ginseng,it can strengthen physical health,prolong life.  American ginseng sex,for young and old,the four seasons all can supplement.Old age or disease after the body empty,have poor body quality,konwledge workers,endocrine,poor sexual function,and res ginseng supplements of young people,is fit for supplements American ginseng.


The basic information

100% Pure High Quality Natural Herb Extract American ginseng Cupsule

[Main Ingredient]  American ginseng

[Efficacy composition and content]  Per 100g contained 6.3 g of American ginseng saponin

[The Health Care Function]  fatigue resistance

[Appropriate Crowd]  the fatigue

[Not Appropriate Crowd]  the children

[Edible Method and Consumption]  2 times a day, each time 2-3 grains

[Specification]  250 mg/grain*100 grains



Active ingredients of explanation


Ginseng Root Extract Zhongke American ginseng capsules of American ginseng saponin content of 6.3g per 100g,ginseng saponins content as high as 6.3%.


American ginseng saponin:


1.Saponins is widely exist in the plant kingdom of earth very responsible for organic compounds.


2.American ginseng saponins is one of the main effective components in American ginseng, is also the most       significant matter.


3.American ginseng saponin extract mainly for triterpene compounds.


American ginseng polysaccharide:


Polysaccharide is one of the body of all living indispensable ingredients, with complex, important, various biological activities.


American ginseng flavonoids:


American ginseng flavonoids have fall hematic fat, scavenging oxygen free radicals, inhibit platelet aggregation.


Amino acids:


1.Amino acids are widely exists in the nature contains amino organic acid, is the basic unit of the proteins.


2.American ginseng in the amino acid content is 5% 8%, the amount reach more than 18.


3.The 18 kinds of amino acids, can some antibacterial antiviral, some can lower blood sugar level, and can promote wound healing.


Protein and peptide:


American ginseng contain small amounts of protein, including the proportion of the soluble protein was a little higher.


Trace elements:


1.Scientific studies have proved conclusively that a total of 18 elements of the human body.


2.American ginseng contained trace elements was more than 12, the trace elements in the growth, reproduction, 

 neuroendocrine, immunity, metabolism, blood, digestive, blood, etc play an important role, and in terms of          biological synthetase, anti-oxidation, anti-aging also have important role.




1.When the body lacks vitamin, can cause metabolism disorders, caused by various diseases.


2.American ginseng contains vitamin B1, B2, C, folic acid, a variety of ingredients, often taking American ginseng to    ensure adequate vitamin intake has important significance.


The essential oil:


American ginseng volatile oil content of a very few, only accounts for 0.1% to 0.2% of the total, but a wide range of more than 40.


Product advantage


Zhongke brand new American ginseng capsules from American ginseng producers - North America, raw material upgrade, the multiplier effect.


American ginseng is also called the American ginseng, has been in the United States, Canada and other countries in North America.American ginseng with tonifying qi and blood, invigorate the kidney and nourishing Yin, anti-aging, raise colour effect, etc.





Zhongke brand new technology of American ginseng capsules with low-temperature cells.

Using the technology of low temperature cells, the first can increase the absorption rate, Americanginseng greatly improve its bioavailability.


Second, the active ingredient to keep American ginseng, improve efficacy, is helpful to keep not resistant to high temperature of bioactive components and a variety of nutrients, thus improve the efficiency, save raw materials, convenient for application.

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Packaging & Shipping

 250mg*100 caps/bottle*280 bottles/carton


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1. the price cordyceps is FOB price with best quality and we take T/T payment

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Company Information


1. The GMP Manufacturing Base GAP Ganoderma Planting base.

2R&D: We have 103 patents and more than 30 years marketing experience.

3. Professional Doctor Team of 40 people all with over 20 years clinical experience.

4Partner agencies: Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Medical University.

5Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, GMP, GAP, HACCP, FDA, CNAS, OHSAS, SFD.



Q: Why we trust Zhongke Brand?

A: -GMP factory located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

  - GAP planting base and with all required certificates.

  - 103 national invention patents & outstanding R&D team.

  - 31 years organic herbal health care product marketing experience.


Q:What's my consideration when i choose a health care product?

A:  - The brand reputation.

   -The safety when taking capsule.

     -The effectiveness after using product.


Q:Where you can buy Zhongke products and which countries are covered by our distributors?

A: - nearly 200 branches and 21 foreign markets

  - Branch Company Location: China Mainland, Hongkong, USA, Singapore

  - Distributor Location: Germany, Finland, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, India, etc.


Q:What are the benefits of being a Zhongke distributor?

A: - Special discount .

     - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new product.

     - Point to point medical supports and after sales services.


Q: How can i become a distributor of Zhongke?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.